Tron's New Chapter

Tron's New Chapter

Tron ecosystem will soon become even more advanced and innovative, as the update called Sun Network protocol is coming. The most interesting innovations will be the implementation of sidechains for dApps, as well as the creation of infrastructure for crosschain solutions.

The first one is aimed at increasing bandwidth of dApps functioning, as well as developing more efficient smart contracts execution, which means that the network will be able to process technically more complex games and programs.

The second one will create a unique opportunity for Tron users to interact with other blockchains directly.

The implementation of the Sun Network will take place in three stages. On May 30, the update will be launched in test mode with immediate support of smart contracts of sidechains. This will increase scaling threshold to infinite parameters.

The test mode will last until August 10, when the Sun Network will be fully activated. From this moment, the security parameters for storing the assets as well as the degree of network decentralization will increase.

Finally, on September 15, the optimization stage will take place, which will be based on the analysis of the Sun Network's operation and will be aimed at simplifying the interaction between ecosystem modules.

This plans, announced by Justin Sun himself, sound so promising, that the update implementation may possibly open a new chapter in the glorious history of the Tron Network.

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