TronLink - a popular crypto wallet review

TronLink - a popular crypto wallet review

So you decided to gamble on Tron gaming portals. How to begin? Of course, the first thing you need to do is to install the wallet to be used for betting and receiving winnings. Despite the fact that there are many wallets to choose from, there is one supported by the vast majority of platforms. It’s called TronLink. Perhaps the popularity of this wallet is due to the  recommendation of the Tron founder Justin Sun, which is posted on the official site. Anyway, the wallet is truly convenient.

TronLink is presented in the following versions - Firefox (at the time of writing it doesn’t work) and Chrome extensions, and as a mobile app also. There’s one big problem with app version - it doesn’t work with gambling portals. Hopefully, developers will solve this problem in the future.

All your TRC20 in one place

Besides this, TronLink has almost no downsides. The user gains access to the functionality that one hardly finds in other blockchain wallets. The wallet works with any kind of tokens issued on Tron network. This means that if one plays on the platform, which generates its own tokens in the Tron network, he will automatically receive all the tokens earned right to his account. There is also function of sending the assets, which was not presented at the time the wallet just appeared.

There are many settings for advanced users, for example, choosing a node or adding their own, which is quite convenient for those who organize their own TRX tokens minting.

Account is available for representation in three fiat currencies - euro, dollars and British pounds - as well as in two main cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Ethereum. But amount of languages available looks a bit unfairly as there is only English, Chinese and Japanese. It’s obvious, that wallet was created by Asian developers for Asian audience in the first row, which is not bad at all.

That's it, you're ready to play

As for the design, there’s almost nothing to complain about - everything is clear and put in the rights place. Except for maybe two parameters that are seen on the main screen - Bandwidth and Energy. They are presented in the form of stamina as in computer games, but being an attribute of money storage, they require some clarification. The bars indicate the bandwidth of your wallet regarding the number of free transactions left. The overall number is limited to twenty five transactions per day. This way the parameters show how many tokens are left to be send for free for today and when the fees will start to apply.

TronLink has one more controversial characteristic: it advertises and sells new tokens. This means that one can see new tokens to be launched soon on Tron blockchain among list of available assets with a timer counting down the time before the sale begins.

But if you don’t pay close attention to these things, TronLink can serve as really handy tool, a wallet automatically recognized by platforms without a need to log in. All calculations are made without any delays. Isn't it the most important for gamers?

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