Tron х Tether: a new chapter of stableness

Tron х Tether: a new chapter of stableness

Wednesday, 17th of April, became a day of triumph for Tron network and Tether stablecoin, as industry giants launched the collaboration aiming at delivering a brand new opportunities for users across the world.

The partnership was firstly announced in the beginning of March by Jean-Louis Van Der Velde, chief executive officer of Tether, and Justin Sun, founder of Tron. According to the statements, the collaboration is aimed to connect innovations of Tron with security of Tether.

From now on, Tron tokens holders are able to freely exchange and store funds without any volatility risks. One of the biggest trading platforms, like Huobi, Bitfinex, OKEx and others, has already announced upcoming listing of renewed USDT token, based on Tron network.

But there’s much more to it. The first investors to convert Bitcoin or Ethereum-based USDT to TRC-20 format will be rewarded. A total of 20 mln of USDT will be distributed as additional payments within 100 days among them.

Tether keeps holding primacy among all the other stablecoins on cryptocurrency market. Being implemented into Tron network which is famous for the number of dApps built on its base, it offers a possibility of safe funds storing, as well as their simple transfering into fiat money.

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