Release v.0.11.0

Release v.0.11.0

Dear Tothemooners, we are extremely grateful to all of you for sharing your thoughts and improvement suggestions related to the game with us! We're watching and analyzing the community's sentiment and are taking your wishes into account when releasing the game's updates. Below is the list of the most significant features introduced to the game:

1️⃣ Tournaments

Yes-yes-yes, we've finally got it! Tournaments are here to stay. Here's a reminder of what differentiates a tournament race with an ordinary one:

  • The unlimited number of racers.
  • Tournaments start at the pre-determined moment, as opposed to the ordinary races that start only when the participants' cap is reached.
  • In tournaments, there is a number of winners, as opposed to the ordinary races that have only one winner. 20% of a tournament's participants get the prize-winning places and the distribution of the prize pool os similar to that in poker tournaments.

At the moment, there are 4 types of tournaments that will be created in the game:

  • Ordinary tournaments where players place their buy-ins that form the total prize pool
  • Freerolls where participation is free for all, while the prize pool is formed either by To The Moon or a sponsor
  • Premium-freerolls where the participation is free only for the Premium account holders
  • TTM-tournaments where the bets are placed in TTM tokens, while the winnings are paid out in TRX.

2️⃣ In-game chat

Some of you have already noticed that the left part of the game screen now has the internal chat open by default, instead of the leaderboard, as it used to be. You can always click on the adjacent tab to see the current leaders of the game.

3️⃣ Upcoming tournaments schedule

You can now always see the table of the upcoming tournaments with their structure displayed for you on the main game screen.

4️⃣ Last games list

This one was probably the most asked-for feature we've added with the latest release. You can now always see in the left-bottom corner of the game screen the list of the last races on the platform with the indication of the winner and the amount of TRX he won.

❗️ Also: we've amended the referral bonus model applied for tournaments buy-ins - this type of allocation was lowered in order to make the prize pools larger; the history in players' profiles is now divided into pages for a more convenient scrolling; removed the bug due to which some races ended before or after the timer.

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