Does TO THE MOON need more cryptocurrencies to be added to the portfolio-picking? Or maybe we should remove some?

A month has passed since we've added 5 more cryptocurrencies to our game's portfolio-picking: Chainlink, Dock, Matic, BAT, Doge.

In our community, Matic has proved to be the most notorious. People now know this currency as an all-in in TO THE MOON, thanks to its extraordinary volatility. In other words, you either win big (in some instances, our players reached over 6% portfolio growth in a 10-minute race) or lose bad (the same volatility may affect you the same way in negative). As of the moment of the writing of this article, we've seen 3 rounds of TO THE MOON League where players with 100% Matic won around 20 opponents. No wonder that this coin was used by the players most frequently.

Link and Doge are the two coins tailing Matic in terms of picking by our users. They are more conservative with Link, for example, boasting higher-than-average winrate for the players if loaded over 50% in the portfolio.

BAT and Dock are the definitive losers of the new listing. The two very often drag their pickers down in races, resulting in devastating winrates. Dock is the least picked coin of all the four added to the game. No wonder, given its one of the lowest trading volume among all other coins listed in the game.

What is your opinion? Do you think TO THE MOON should add some specific coins? Do you think we should remove some from the game and why?

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