TRX.Market Review: Tokens paradise

TRX.Market Review: Tokens paradise

Most of the decentralized applications, if not all, use their own tokens. The financial model of such tokens are mostly dividend. However, it’s totally understandable that not all users want to spend their time on understanding the intricacies of mining mechanics on a particular dapp, diving into the rules of the game, and studying the most profitable ways to get dividend tokens. After all, in order for the user to reach the effective cost of mining, it is necessary to carefully study all the mechanisms of the gameplay. Otherwise, the user has the risk of reaching the high cost of mining and losing too much money.

For those who do not want to spend their efforts on all of the above - there are many exchanges where the most popular tokens of almost all the dapps are traded. Today we will take a closer look on one representative of these platforms - Trx.Market.

Trx.Market Exchange positions itself as a decentralized platform. This means that the exchange is well protected from hacking. As you know, there are no unhackable platforms, however, decentralization significantly reduces the risk of hacking and stealing user’s funds from the exchange. However, the one more thing which can increase the security, is the ability to use your TronLink wallet for for trading. The user does not need to top up his funds to the exchange. All transactions go through a smart contract and during the time of the trading process, transaction are simply frozen on your TronLink account.

The Exchange menu is really simple. There is an “Exchange” section where all the displayed tokens are traded at the moment. The “Launch Base” section presented new announcements of upcoming trades and listings of new tokens. However, the creators of new dapps, do not need to go anywhere, because especially for them, there is a “Token Listing” section where you can contact the platform and list your own token on the Trx.Market. The remaining two sections are pretty standard - section “About”, which contains general information about the site and the “Support” section, where you can contact the site representatives. Besides the English, the exchange is also supports Chinese and Korean languages.

It’s also worth be noted the “Launch Base” section. Here, the Trx.Market informs its users about the upcoming tokens listing with the detailed information about the project, it’s website, token and a whitepaper, where you can familiarize yourself with the project in more detail. Below, there are the time levels when the trading will take place and the total stock of traded tokens. Accordingly, traders who plan to earn on trades, should periodically check this section.

In general, we can recommend the Trx.Market exchange for those who are interested in tokens trading of various dapp platforms or for those, who wants to receive their dividends, but do not want to puzzle out the internal rules of mining mechanisms.

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