TronBet full guide

TronBet full guide

So, you decided to start playing blockchain slots. What platform to choose? How to deposit money and make the first bet? We'll go through everything in details, taking popular platform TronBet as an example.

The first thing you'll need is a in-browser Tron wallet, supported by TronBet platform. So far they support three wallets - TronLink, Scatter Wallet and Guild Wallet. We use the first one and advise you too - Tronlink is simple, convenient, has a built-in exchange platform and is supported by Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Installing a widget is easy - simply google the query and click the install button on official page. After installing the wallet, you need to come up with a username and password and write down a seed phrase, which is necessary for restoring access to funds in case you forgot the password. As soon as you sign up, you will immediately see the address of your wallet, which can be used for receiving some Tron tokens, bought on any exchange platform. Deposit the funds by any options available and go to the portal

When you enter the portal, you will see a menu of four game categories. Today only first one is avalaible, TronBet, that contain three games. You can also open the games from the menu at the top of the screen — the dApps section contains this very games, that we'll use to begin acquaintance with blockchain slots.


The first game on the list is called Dice. It gives you the opportunity to win by predicting the numbers. It is not the digits itself that need to be guessed, but the approximate area on scale from 0 to 99. But firstly, let's deal with the interface.

You can see two fields for the numbers - Prediction and Lucky Number. You are able to change the digits in Prediction field using the slider, while the Lucky Number will be chosen randomly by the blockchain arter you push roll. There are two parameters below the digit fields - Roll Under and Roll Over. Further we will decribe how they work, right now just pay attention to them, as this will be your main gaming tool.

Bet Amount window is located lower. The default value is 10 TRX and beginners are not recommended to bet more.  Lower you can see Payout on Win window, its value is changeable due to adjustable parameters. You can bet on the maximum payout, but the chances to win are little, or you can try to win small with the much higher probability. At the very bottom of the game screen there is your TRX token balance. If you see a zero there, simply choose your wallet from drop-down menu. If the widget is installed correctly, the portal will see the deposit without any additional actions on your part. By the way, you can bet not only Tron, but also BitTorrent, as well as Ante, the internal coin of the platform, which starts to mine right after your game volume reaches 2360 TRX.

On the right side you can see two more windows - Win Chance and Multiplier. These are important parameters to follow, as they show how much you can win and how high your chances are, dependently on parameters you adjusted. We recommend rolling the slot only with maximum win chances, that appear if you don't strive to immediately win a thousand. Multiplier shows not only the amount of bet mupltiplied in case of a win, but also how hard the slots will roll. This is not immediately obvious, but can become a useful tool for those decided to take the money out of casino slowly and quietly.

The abovementioned Roll Under and Roll Over are in fact the main parameter of your prediction. The essence of the game is to determine whether your lucky number will be higher or lower (on a scale from 0 to 99) than the number you specified in Prediction field. If you try to switch between these parameters, you will notice that winning chances and the win amount differ significantly at the edges of the scale. But at the median values they are more or less balanced.

Despite the fact that lucky number is chosen randomly by the blockchain, it is still influenced by parameters in the fields, so before trying your luck, you need to see how they change the roll rate. Perhaps you will be lucky at this stage already.


In this game you don’t play one-on-one with blockchain. Other online players also make bets. There are fewer parameters in this game, but this does not make it less interesting.

You can see a line chart, similar to what you studied at school. Don't worry, you won't need to draw any points, you just have to guess how high the car, launched by Ilon Musk to the moon, will soar. The length of the chart is indicated in seconds, and the height in the amount by which your bet will be multiplied if the car passes the threshold you predicted.

Right to the moon!

The bet is indicated in the Bet Amount window. By default, the bet is ten tokens, as in previous game, but Moon encourages you to bet more. And it does have some sence. We will explain why shortly. Auto-stop field is the one to make predictions of the height which the car will reach. It can fly from 1x to infinity, which means you can win 999 times more than the size of your bet. However, as practice shows, the values between one and two are the most often to appear. With a bet of ten tokens, your winnings will amount to just a few more coins, which is not fun. Therefore, stakes from hundred tokens and not too bold predictions are more realistic way to earn significant amount.

Of course, sometimes the car takes off really high and you can win big if you are lucky.


The third game, Ring, has several modes - Ring and Duel. In the first variant, you make bets along with other players, just as in Moon. But the mechanics are, of course, different. There is a round playing field, which consists of different colored points. Some colors are more common, some are less. You can bet any amount of tokens on any color individually with the multiplier amount vary with respect to the rarity of the color - from 2x for gray to 50x for gold.

There are very few parameters to adjust in this game - simply enter the size of your bet in the Bet Amount field, scroll below and find the button corresponding to the color you choose. After making bets, you just need to wait for the game to start.

The one ring

The simplicity of the game is compensated by the fact that it has an additional mode called Duel, where you play with the number of people on your choice - from two to four. By clicking on Duel button you will see a list of duels that are taking place on the platform right now. If you can't join someone else's duel, you can start your own. To do this, click on Create Duel, select the number of players and the size of the bet and wait until someone decides to join you. The rules and the amount of winnings are the same as for the main mode.

These three games presented on Tronbet platform are enough to figure out how blockchain slots work and decide which games you like the best. Despite the fact that luck always plays a significant role in slot games, there are certain mechanics that allow you to win more often. Always remember to maximize your chances of success, so you can not only play, but also win. Good luck!

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