Trading Games

Trading Games

Many cryptocurrency users have tried trading at least once.  But real trading requires knowledge, skills, and often patience, as some types of transactions can take several hours or even days. That's why those not eager to learn a whole new profession may choose binary options to try simplified form of trading. The essence of binary options comes down to the guessing in which direction the rate of a chosen crypto will go in the nearest future - either up or down - with the result given just in a twenty or thirty seconds.  Due to the simplicity, binary options have become rather popular in many countries around the world.

We're going up here!

The portal, basing on Tron blockchain, offers to guess the rates’ directions of four cryptocurrencies - BTC, ETH, TRX and EOS. The interface is very simple and easy to understand: the largest part of the site space is occupied by the rate graphs, updated in real time every second. For gamers not familiar with real exchange trading such a fast rate change may seem unrealistic, but in reality everything is exactly the way it is here: while one part of the planet has just finished trading and went to bed, the other part comes into play. This is how it happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. Right now, while you are reading this text, someone loses and wins millions on trading. However, this is exchange platforms’ story and it is worth noting that binary options and real market trading are not the same thing. The question of whether a good trader can be a good optioner is still open, because binary options are primarily a game. And the game is something that is not real.

However, the portal Gakex seeks to convince players of the opposite. Directly below the chart there are the betting fields, where the blockchain address of each player is indicated.  Immediately above the playing field there is a convenient option for those who managed to learn from the course of trading that it is pointless to play against the trend - it's the ratio of all rates made by percentage. However, if you just watch the game without making bets, you will find out that the majority is not always right and those who made the opposite bet win quite often. And this is also what one can watch on a real market. Otherwise, where did all these hamster stories come from?

Time to collect profit

Like any other portal on tTron blockchain, Gakex has its own tokens, GEX, which are minted due to the player’s stakes, and, being frozen, can bring small, but every-second income. There is also a multi-level referral program, which gives the player a different status - from fish to whale - depending on the number of invited referrals and amount of GEX tokens frozen. The referral program as a whole is not very generous, but the icons are drawn quite well.

Among the disadvantages of the platform there's a big problem with the English language (by the way, US flag indicates English in the menu). It makes English-speaking users to stifle the giggles, as Gakex calls the referrals “consistent child order”, while GEX tokens are called “F1”, which is definitely not for everyone to be understood.

The last, but not the least to be mentioned, is the possibility of winning on the portal, that doesn’t depend on any trading skills. Luck may do it, if you're lucky enough. Still watching the rates changing may be infinite.

  • Graphics: 8
  • Gameplay: 8
  • Ease of familiarization: 9
  • Winning probability: 3
  • Own tokens: Yes
  • Overall rating: 7/10
  • Verdict: an option for those who are too lazy to understand trading

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