Keno Review: It's all about tokens

Keno Review: It's all about tokens

Today we will tell about the portal called Keno, where players are invited to play bingo on the blockchain. For some reason, we immediately had a feeling that something was wrong. We kept on exploring.

To start with, bingo was quite unusual choice for the game on blockchain. It's simplified classic version is played in the following way: participants buy lottery tickets where numbers are written. Any ticket can potentially win, since the raffle is conducted live. Participants gather in one room with the host and lottery drum, where the balls with specific numbers are written. The host takes out random balls one by one and if the numbers coincide with those on the lottery ticket, the ticket wins.

But Keno offers to play even more simplified and much faster version. There is a field, where a player can choose from one to ten different numbers, each of which is considered a separate bet. After that, he clicks bet and the system starts randomly choosing numbers on the playing field. The numbers matched win, the rest lose. In general, the gameplay is pretty boring.

How to attract a player to a boring game? It's simple: promise him some tokens for free. That's how the banner promising 500 000 trx giveaway had appeared. And not only this: every menu section shouts about tokens and dividends.  But what does whitepaper tell? Perhaps, it will be possible to find out some details about the structure of the platform and the business plan of the project or maybe we can see the roadmap?

No, there is no whitepaper. The only section that provides at least some information states the following: “KENO token holders own the platform, both of our profits and decisions.  KENO holders will get 80% of the dividends of every games". A very bright future. However, there is absolutely no details on where and what it will be possible to vote for. It is also unclear whether users will receive 80% (a very significant amount) from all minted platform tokens or 80% from the tokens they minted themselves? This wording smells cheating.

Further line, highlighted bold, "explained everything": “100 million KENO tokens will be generated and distributed”. So why whitepaper or financial model description, when there are so many tokens? And when we started to look for technical information in the footer of the site, we realized what was wrong. Almost no links worked. “API”, “Change Log”, “Provably Fair”, “Guides”, “Terms of Service” sections turned out to be not hyperlinks, but simply captions. A fake was even a link to Bitcoin Talk!

Thus, Keno once again proved that the lack of a clear description of the project with the promise to earn is an alarming bell, even in the world of gambling on the blockchain. Fake hyperlinks that create the facade of informational, technical, and legal content clearly indicate that the portal itself is a fake.

  • Graphics: 5
  • Gameplay: 3
  • Ease of familiarization: 10
  • Winning probability: 2
  • Own tokens: Yes
  • Overall rating: 5/10
  • Verdict: Strongly not recommended.

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