Goodluck Review: a luck is needed

Goodluck Review: a luck is needed

The portal gives a good impression. It contains a lot of information for beginner to quickly find out what's what. There is instruction for every game and s FAQ, describing what GLC token of the platform is made for and how the dividends are distributed. There are also plenty of games (opposite to the majority of blockchain portals), - Poker Hold'em, Blackjack, variety of slots and Roulettes. But the problem is that to enjoy a game, a user should sign up and deposit funds to the platform.

The Goodluck platform indicates following own features and advantages: instant transfer of funds, best graphics, fairness and multiplay. Let's have a closer look at this points.

"Place a bet and transfer your earnings into your wallet instantly". Isn't that what TronLink and other convenient browser wallets are about? Goodluck platform just embed a mediator inside the decentralised blockchain process.

"No, it’s not flat. The best graphics in Blockchain Casino". To tell the truth, the 3d models of gaming tables not only take a long time to load, but also look rather poorly, reminding the 90s console games.

"Fairness. Blockchain is the ultimate solution to keep your games fair". Blockchain is the ultimate solution, but additional mediator totally makes blockchain technology senseless. Who in the world can ever give guarantees,that a centralized wallet can't he hacked?

"Multiplay. It’s the real deal, you’re playing with real humans". Unfortunately, there are not too many players at the portal right now, according to the bets history. So the real deal in this case might be much harder to realize, than arranging virtual opponents.

Regarding GLC token, there are several basic things users should know. Token can be frozen or burnt, not withdrawn or exchanged. A frozen amount of tokens generate additional weekly income of 25%, which you still can't withdraw. Burn mode doesn't deactivate tokens, but contribute them to the casino pool, from which random people weekly get, as it said, 50% of casino' profit. And though developers position this, as "a quick and easy way to earn a jackpot with only a small investment", this whole thing looks very non-transparent. Why did they call it "burn" if it's not the burn?

So, by the end of the gaming session we were at least puzzled, if not disappointed. There are certain things on the platform that turns out to operate differently, than they are presented: blockchain technology here depends on centralized intermediary, while burnt tokens contribute the casino's pool. Decentralised application - dApp - must be provably transparent. And Goodluck is not.

  • Graphics: 5
  • Gameplay: 6
  • Ease of familiarization: 8
  • Winning probability: 6
  • Own tokens: Yes
  • Overall rating: 6/10
  • Verdict: proceed with caution.

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