Big and Small Review

Big and Small Review

This platform is one of the few, that don't pay any dividends to players. However, this doesn't mean, that the platform does generate any tokens at all. If such approach seems dishonest to you, remember about scam projects that shut diwn with you hard earned tokens frozen. Perhaps the lack of dividends is the most honest approach to build a gambling game on blockchain, since there is absolutely nothing to steal from the users. But for developers this business decision turns out to be a challenge, because they still need to gather an audience and compete with hundreds of other projects. In this situation, they must build a game that users would want to play.

Big and Small is a dice game, but not the one you are used to. Every round lasts thirty seconds, during which you can bet both on the sum of the numbers of three dices (by this one can win the maximum payout), on the numbers ​​of individual dices (average payout), and also on whether the sum of dices will be small (from three to ten), or large (from eleven to eighteen).

And that's it, there's nothing more to learn about. There is no whitepaper, that nobody reads anyway, or referral program to earn some pennies for becoming a spammer. It's just you and the game.

Game area is very well thought out. First, let's analyze the design solution of the table. It's not completely visible and the surface goes beyond the framework of the monitor, except for the lower side, where player “stands”. This makes playing table looks natural, as if the player was standing right near the real one. Besides, eyes don’t cling to any frameworks, focusing directly on the process.

Secondly, the colors of the gaming elements from betting fields to token chips are selected with taste and are pleasantly combined. Even the color palette of the pop-up window announcing the beginning and end of the rounds looks nice. Thirdly, there’s a chill club music pattern, that makes a player forget about time. It can also be easily turned off.

The gameplay is simple, but there are a lot of betting options and their combinations. Less risky stakes, like big and small areas, won't let you win much, but there are stakes which can multiply your bet by as many as 150 times. Such a winning is a real jackpot and there is no such winnings in common Dices we met everywhere.

So even small portals that don't generate dividends or implement loyalty programs and don't have any other features except for only one game, can also be large.

  • Graphics: 10
  • Gameplay: 10
  • Ease of familiarization: 10
  • Winning probability: 8
  • Own tokens: No

  • Overall rating: 9/10
  • Verdict: simply a good game and nothing else

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