A Journey to Slotland

A Journey to Slotland

Update on Tronbet is not a routine one, because as many as 12 slot machines have been added to the three games existing. Another breaking news is the launch of mining of a new partner token called Live. For those who already holds Ante token in their accounts, now 15% of the total number of Live tokens mined will be distributed. In short, things are going well at the portal, developers care about the audience and try to engage new.

Slot is not a simple gambling game. It combines gambling and artistic components, which together along with visual and musical design create a certain atmosphere. On Tronbet different slots offer different design - underwater worlds and ancient civilizations, Wild West and mystical Asia, - any player will find location for his taste, that along with the soundtrack and a drop of imagination can make him feel like a traveler.

However, every travel includes domestic problems. On Tronbet a need to deposit funds from your favourite Tronlink to interior wallet became such a problem. Of course, the need was caused by technical features, since slots work on flash and process user data differently than other games. But whatever the reason is, the need to click more buttons and limit yourself for the amount deposited, makes you upset.

The good news is that slots itself give almost no reasons to be upset. The reels spin fast and the wins obtain pretty easy. If not - a traveller might want to try the others and find out which one makes him lucky. One out of twelve definitely has to win, it's just the randomizer. Given that platform has a convenient autobet function, one can try his luck based on planned budget. There are 9 symbols for every slot machine with twenty winning combinations total, while the size of jackpot is being multiplied by the number of bets. Another bonus is an opportunity to win free spins, which, in their turn, increase the chances to win even bigger.

If only these combinations would looked anyhow systematically or understandable, there would be nothing to complain about.  Because now a player sometimes sees random collection of pictures that surprisingly make him benefit. On the other hand, the travellers too sometime find out that happiness is nothing like what they imagined. Thats why a journey to Slotland promises to be unpredictable and intriguing regardless of the results.

  • Graphics: 9
  • Gameplay: 9
  • Ease of familiarization: 9
  • Winning probabilities: 7
  • Own tokens: Yes

  • Overall rating: 8.5/10
  • Verdict: distant and dangerous adventure for experienced travelers

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