888tron - gamer's manual

888tron - gamer's manual

888tron.com is a young but already well established platform with quite generous referral program and a real opportunity to earn tokens. Attractive game design and usability are immediately noticeable, but game mechanics require certain skills and knowledge. We have already passed the whole thorny path of trial and error, figured out how everything is arranged here and hasten to share this with you.

In one of the previous materials, we already told how to install a browser wallet, which is necessary for the game, so we assume that you already have it now and move straight to the gameplay.

Looks like we are golden

The first of the three games available is called Dice 52. Game offers to guess will the card you pick be younger, older or equal of the card face up you see on the playing field. Pay attention to the green and red slider under the cards. With its help you can change the card face up. By moving the slider, you will also notice that parameters as Payout, Multiplier and Chance depend on the value of the chosen card. Let’s take a closer look to this parameters.

The payout is the amount you win in case of a correct prediction. The multiplier is the number by which your bet multiplies if your prediction is correct. Chance shows a percentage probability of winning. It is easy to see that the size of the payout depends on the size of the bet, and that multiplier is determined by the chances of winning, that means, the lower the probability of winning, the greater the reward. If you try not to risk, you can earn less, and vice versa.

Pay attention to the green and red slider under the cards

You can also notice three more parameters under the cards - “Younger card”, “Older” or “Equal”. In addition to the classic cards “subordination", where the Queen is older than Jack, there is an additional one in this game - the spades are considered the youngest suit, the clubs are older, then the diamonds and, finally, the oldest suit - the hearts. This means that if you bet on a card older than a ten of diamonds, in order to win, you need to get either a ten of hearts or the highest card of any other suit.

Switching between “older card”, “younger” or “equal” parameters also directly affects your winning chances and therefore the amount of your winnings. Try to set different values ​​and see how the odds will change. In finding the right balance between the winning chances and its amount lies the main skill, which is much easier to master than it might seem

The blockchain and your luck will do the work

Gear of Fortune offers to try your luck rotating the drum, which consists of fields with different multipliers. You may notice that the smallest multiplier - 2x is the most frequent one, while 20x can be found only once. This means that here, as in the previous game, the chances of winning directly correlate with the amount of winnings.

The gameplay is simple. First you need to indicate the size of your bet in the field “Bet amount”, then select which sector you bet on and click “Rotate”. The blockchain and your luck will do the rest.

Blockchain slots offer more advanced game mechanics. Here you can see a three-reel virtual slot machine. By default, you see that the figures in the horizontal lines are the same, but if you think that this is the only winning configurations, you are mistaken. It's much more interesting

The mining cost increases over the time

Pay attention to the Lines column under the bet amount. Try to change the number (it varies from 1 to 10) and you will see the lines appeared on the slot machine that connect the same numbers on the sides of the playing field. To find out what these lines are, switch the Lines parameter to the minimum values ​​- from 1 to 3. You will see that with a value of, for example, “3” lines on the playing field are straight and take only one row each. As the value of parameter increases, additional lines appear on the field, which can pass through all the rows in various combinations. These combinations determine your winnings. That means, if you choose number “3”, you can win only if same pictures will gather in a one full row. But if you choose the value “ten”, you can win if the same pictures will pass through the entire playing field according to the given combinations.

The size of the bet also depends on the number of selected lines. More specifically, - your bet is multiplied by the number of lines you specify. Thus, the more lines you specify, the more combinations can make you win. But by increasing your chances of winning, you also increase the amount you can lose, so be careful.

Of course, luck is very important in gambling games. However, having studied the mechanics of games on the 888tron.com, we can say that it's not solely luck, that makes you win or lose. Your winnings are determined by chances made up from all the other parameters. So if you don't risk to much and don't try to win big at once, you have much more chances to earn tokens.

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