The 2nd season of TO THE MOON is over

The 2nd season of TO THE MOON is over

The final standings of the 2nd season of TO THE MOON League - our largest tournament yet.

πŸ† - Kostik (30k TRX)
πŸ₯ˆ - Leonriy (20k TRX)
πŸ₯‰ - Belmondo (10k TRX)
4th place - XenonPRO
5th place - Scandal
6th place - Soyuz
7th place - Baltazar
8th place - Zirati65
9th place - RichExpo
10th place - Wirsolve

Tournament stats

The total number of participants: 56

The players who have won the largest number of rounds: Kostik (5 rounds), Wirsolve (2 rounds), RichExpo (2 rounds), TOTHEMOON (2 rounds).

The players who have gotten the prize places most often: Kostik (6 times), RichExpo (4 times), Scandal (4 times), XenonPRO (4 times), Precent (4 times).

The players who needed the least number of rounds to get to the top-10: Zirati65 (8 races), Wirsolve (12 races), RichExpo (12 races)

The player who hasn't missed a single race: Soyuz

Additional prizes

Apart from 60k TRX prize pool TO THE MOON has decided to distribute the additional 10k TRX to the two outstanding players.

πŸš€ Zirati65 receives the prize for an exceptional result - the 8th place gained for 8 rounds. We've all seen that she has started her League journey very late, however it didn't stop her from showing the phenomenal results and get right into the top-10. One can only guess what awaits us in the next season when she's starting from the very beginning. For comparison, Zirati65 while being completely uninitiated about the crypto trading, came only 5 points short of our next prize-winner.

πŸš€ Soyuz receives the prize as the only player who hasn't missed a single round of the League. Looks like he has embedded a notificator into his tattoo, which allowed him to partake in each of the 20 rounds.

πŸ’Έ The additional money (5k TRX each) was successfully sent to the players' in-game wallets.

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