Does TO THE MOON need more cryptocurrencies to be added to the portfolio-picking? Or maybe we should remove some?
A month has passed since we've added 5 more cryptocurrencies to our game's portfolio-picking: Chainlink, Dock, Matic, BAT, Doge. In our community, Matic has proved to be the most notorious. People now know this currency as an all-in in TO THE MOON, thanks to its extraordinary volatility. In other words, you either win big (in some instances, our players reached over 6% portfolio growth in a 10-minute race) or lose bad (the same volatility may affect you the same way in negative). As of the moment of the writing of this article, we've seen 3 rounds of TO THE MOON
The 2nd season of TO THE MOON is over
Congratulations to all the winners!
TO THE MOON Gala-Conference Recap
The largest TO THE MOON event so far
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The Grand Release is coming!

The Grand Release is coming!

To The Moon is closer than ever to it's release!
To The Moon and real-time stock quotes

To The Moon and real-time stock quotes

How can you check the authenticity of courses in the race?
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To The Moon at ChainPoint '19

To The Moon at ChainPoint '19

To The Moon core team participated in a recent blockchain conference "ChainPoint '19"…
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